This morning’s skylines. Area X’s Crawler now working nearer the pier. Jeff VanderMeer just won the Nebula Award for ‘Annihilation’. Hooray!

image image image image

My fishtail groyne (the one opposite where I live) is growing apace. Two more of this morning’s skylines. The other pic is close to the groyne where its rocks were earlier delivered from Norway.

image image

Following my earlier success with jolly seasidery, here is some more from this morning’s photos.

image image image image image

From Robert Aickman’s SOME NOTES ON DELIUS article, unpublished until May 2015:
“As there is no intrinsic virtue in denigration, the critic who resorts to it, should be required to pass a test of qualification and sensitivity, at least twice as stringent as that imposed upon a critic who loves. Normally, love is not blind but clairvoyant.” – Robert Aickman

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  1. See JeffV’s comment about what he proposes to do with my Review! 🙂


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