A Slow Slither of an Essex Serpent

The Gestalt Real-Time Reviews of Books

Relating to the Zeno’s Paradox point in many of my recent reviews, below is the first paragraph of my story SHAPED LIKE A SNAKE in ‘Ghosts & Scholars’ in 1994 – 


“I needed Time to be a moveable feast, so that I could mould it to my purpose, bend it to each and every whim. Time endured more than its intrinsic length but, otherwise, was shorter than mere moments laid end to end in widdershins motion. What is the present moment other than a series of timeless moments? The past, contrariwise, was replete with nothing but alternating longueurs. The future – what of that? It would replicate the past, no doubt, but with newer and, hence, tawdrier, more uncharacterful pauses between its own present moments. For me, the flexibility of Time was all important. Still is. I live at the corner of sight or am the very mote in the…

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