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“Just don’t get your hopes up — the results we’re about to get may look more like some weird White Cube art project than comprehensible language.”

    Jack and Co. experiment, the Oxbow failsafe activated, with (de)scrying the various aliens via ‘depthcharges’. Their conversation gambit made me think about what I first looked up on the internet after getting it. Well, it was not “boobs”, as I was 51 in 1999 when I first got it! It was probably my own name I looked up, but I can’t be certain! Anyway, the pages of the following test results they had of patterns and printed squirls and shapes were……well, I keep my unspoilt powder dry, too. Just to say one of them looked like one of Stockhausen’s scores! Meanwhile, I wonder how these patterns might differ in the ebook version of this work! White cube to a Vantablack one? Or unstuck or unstitched like a few of the pages in this massive, heavily manhandled tome?



    18 January 1948, 5.40 p.m gmt, Colchester UK

    “As above, so below.”

    I am now fascinated how Jack and Co. are obliquely homing in on astrological harmonics, the ‘as above so below’ synchronicity of Jungian Astrology, rather than cause and effect — in order to bring the Signal’s Grid to them rather than vice versa. A moving of the internet’s coordinates of mainframes, triangulating some Earth’s Core syndrome – as in Nemonymous Night? Cross-sections as well as Cross-References?


    Have I told you before that I was once heavily involved with hard-copy planetary ephemera, the Grand Trines in my own Natal Chart, and the, say, ‘Transit of Jupiter’, as here. Progressions as well as crossing Transits, and shepherding the various angular aspects between the planets? The Moon’s Node. The Mansions and Houses of the Zodiac. Did you know, incidentally, that the Year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac starts in 2021 ?!

  3. More top secret transcript material of the interview with Dana …

    “I could sit here and answer questions all day, every day for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t have told you a fraction of what I now know, what I have in my head.”

    Is that what I meant by ‘fractious’ above?
    Anyway, we learn now of ‘falling’ as a method of the alien’s travel to the moon, knowledge as absorbed by Dana from him by some sort of calved osmosis, physical and mental, and as far as I can understand it, my tweet a day or so ago (shown below) — about my personal perception in the painting of a ‘rollercoaster’ (Montagnes Russes, being that word’s French translation) — may be an oblique analogy for this process of travelling to help me understand it? A concept, perhaps, later confirmed by a journal article shown after this transcript, one that in turn fell along a more downward slope by following a newspaper article that demonstrates the extreme right-wing attitude to the Signal and its intrinsic alien denizens, but faced with the inability for anyone to switch off the Internet because there is no single off-switch!


    “Sorry. There’s almost too much to take in here.”

    Indeed! My word ‘rollercoaster’ yesterday above is certainly apt for this reading experience – full of old-fashionedly curved, angled and blank typesetting games like poets such as e.e., if not dominic, cummings used to play. As Jack and co. see the ENORMITY of what they are seeing of alien life, for example… “So, what, we just passed through the gut or the brain of a self-aware planet?” New even to GIRL 21 & co!

    “What kind of creature would need to be isolated, even when it is in lockdown? What danger could it possibly present?”

    (I still believe this whole book could only have been written and completed BEFORE Covid started in 2020, the current twenty twenty vision of such co-vidual panoplies of outer alien existence in Jungian gestalt that we are ALL now experiencing in and out of this book! Indeed, this advert for XX seems to have been issued by Pan Macmillan in December 2019: https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/rian-hughes/xx/9781529020595 )

  5. Another, top secret, perhaps final (?), interview with Dana…

    Not sure what happened here, but I sense we are dabbling in things we don’t understand, without knowing the repercussions of the methods we are using, like my risking the ‘spoiling‘ of parts of the intended secrecy of these interviews, allowing potentially whole pages to escape such a binding as oath. Whether the Signal be a possible ark or a dire foe, the Grid or what or who resides within its Grid, have I been given thoughts here that have now awakened me somewhat to new dangers? I listen, for example, most mornings to the monologues of James O’Brien with which I feel in sympathy. He mentions those who are our enemies (Brexiters and Trumpists and Boris-lovers) as being brainwashed into a ‘cult’, having been given the Grid treatment, as it were — described in this section of the book as the “inarguable three-fold case for itself.” Please read the details for yourself. But now I fear that I and my fellow anti-Brexiters have been brainwashed instead! By James O’Brien?
    Or we ALL have been thus brainwashed by some outer non-human force?
    As I said before somewhere above, I am not a conspiracy freak. But I do believe in the inexplicable gestalt power of creative fiction, as opposed to crude fake news, as a power for truth. As I have been charting EMPIRICALLY (for 12 years so far) in my book reviews.


    “: cabling across the floor, monitors still arranged in the conference room around the crates like the control room at CERN.”

    Serious possible spoilers pending here! How far do I go? Carrying an alien’s mind in my head alongside my own, but which is the sandbox one? Where is Dana now, wherefrom and how is the circumstances of her quarantine thus unlockdowned? And the appended newspaper report here of ‘mass hysteria’ gives me serious pause for thought. This book itself such hysteria’s trigger? The implications are manifold and my aiding and abetting it a possibility! Perhaps I shall put myself into ‘review quarantine’ and read the rest of this book without commenting on it in public?

    So if I appear to return to continue this page below, and whatever my justification for so doing, how will you know if it is me? Indeed, how will I know that it is me!!


    “, so far, all the researchers and hobbyists are focussing on external appearances, because that’s all they have access to. They are not looking into alien brains. They are not thinking alien thoughts—“

    I must be emerging as a hobbyist mind myself. Just another naïve reader. No longer master of my brief, and now emptied of nous. For example, I do not understand why, at the end of this section, there are ranked diagrams of phonetic profiles that I remember when studying linguistics in 1967. Another of time’s team from my now subconscious sump? (Consonant is an interesting word, in hindsight.)

  8. The word ‘congruent’ appears here: congruence and consonance in correlation.



    “Everything must have a physical correlate.”

    “That’s how it is. History, mythmaking… it’s not always possible to tease them apart.”

    A strange seed falling and infecting us with an idea, like Brexit? Like the erstwhile Trump? Like the Covid variants of virus? But here on a grander, more positive style. Forebrain and hindbrain extrapolated. Indeed, the Arch Hobbyist learns much here of the Grid, its nature, its Rationale, its Potentia, 2280EF20-4607-4245-ABA8-D5DFFF4727D5 the spaces between its comic strip serial ideas, E7D1DFC7-653C-4A67-8231-7B792CC704F9 the description of a thing and the thing itself as dupligängers, while rationalising pages in sufficiently manhandled books as massive as this one, like rogue thoughts, being insecure enough to float free… as with the ebook all intentional to let pages slide?! The gaps between the events in a comic strip grid. I AM MOST HAPPY WITH THESE SITUATIONS — ESSENTIAL AND INTRINSIC TO THIS BOOK’S READING EXPERIENCE, AN EXPERIENCE THAT IS UNIQUE AND UNMISSABLE. So far.

    “A curling cut-out. She seemed to be peeling up, off the surface — the surface of what. Reality? The page? The Universe?”

    “I saw her turn, like she was thin, a sheet of paper — and then just disappear.”

  9. And I happen to have just finished reviewing THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION here, where it finally goes missing at the end! https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2020/12/05/25324/


    Her cul aneum…

    “I feel like I’m forever pushing a symphony of meaning through a letterbox an alphabet wide. Human language is such a blunt tool.”

    Dana’s infodumps here are fascinating and there is so much I could quote relevant to the Signal and the Grid, followed by another newspaper report regarding a second repeat or wave? Then a third? AND relevant and explicatory for my own philosophies recorded on these Gestalt sites from 2008 and before that on the TLO forum about ‘Fiction as Religion’ etc. Explained better here than I can explain it! A shuffling of cards and stacked surfaces – like pages? And also prophesying today…

    “…ideaspace is a concatenation of concepts, each with its own internal logic, like bubble universes…” and please read on.

  11. BIG RED

    …big red as in the lever to release what I see as the ‘rollercoaster’ for us all to view from, with specially imported ‘recliners’ or ‘launch couches’ to seat Jack & co, as well as ourselves — “…two monosyllabic removal men had brought them up the stairs, manhandled them into the conference room, asked Nixon to sign three sheets of pink paper, and left.”

  12. I’m really streaming this in real-time at the moment!

    “…a vertiginous drop, as of a lift in free fall.”


    (‘Nemonymous Night’ once depicted a slower Jules-Vernian tour ‘drill’ for such a journey, not a rollercoaster as in XX for travel by falling…!)

    “…the mix of joy and apprehension of a novice rollercoaster rider.”

    Into typesetting and graphic and book-structure devices galore!

    I pat myself on the back, as I genuinely had no idea that the above reference to ‘rollercoaster’ was due to come up when I first broached the idea of it (Montagnes Russes/ Rollercoaster) earlier in this review !!!!!!

    “‘Sinking into the crust of the World of Ideas’, as Harriet would later describe it.”

    This is all very exciting. My first real real-time review of a book’s rollercoaster ride!


    Dogglegänger? Collateral damage outside. I pick myself up,
    A sort of intermediary debriefing. An interlude.
    I shall re-release my own big red lever when I pick up this book again, hopefully tomorrow.


    “It’s a sex urge.”

    My rollercoaster continues! One of countless pioneer readers of this book’s Grid alongside the characters through the twists and turns of text. And image and idea. Evolution itself. Symbiosis. The nature further explained by or about Dana’s shepherd. And Clive Barker’s Cities and Hills become a BLOOM made from PEOPLE? Also a Wikipedia article about the various relational natures of parasites 798992FB-E0F7-4C77-A090-E7A0D76CFAB8 and hosts. For example…

    “After several days, the fruiting body of the fungus grows […] and ruptures, releasing spores which settle to the ground to be consumed by new hosts.”

    “Empty areas of the Grid may actually store bacteria. Viruses. Or their alien equivalent.”
    …a horizontal line of text “repeated with a vertical component.”

    ‘Columns’ of “Urgh.”

    “Just pretend you’re Lewis…”
    A biopsy of self?
    What the hollow hell are we meddling with here?

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