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2011 Big Brother (5)



Marion wrote:
The dog turned out to be Tashie, so no scare there.

I thought that was very effective. A yappy dog in a cage with a human face – startled me – and reminded me of the film ‘Freaks‘.

In fact the whole Crypt task should appeal to readers of ‘Black Static* (an award-winning Horror magazine published by TTA Press, the Host of this discussion forum we’re using for our BB comments). Some of it was very well done. Some not. The half-serious, half-absurd elements (certainly in the two crypt-kickers) were interesting if one is able to insulate some of the images and statements from the game-show ‘Reality’ TV of BB against which most people who read our comments are prejudiced.

NB: TTA Press also publish the acclaimed and long-running SF magazine ‘Interzone‘. The Dickian reality of BB is probably that side of things … and dystopian futures.

*a link to my own recent advert for the latest issue of ‘Black Static’ which has a personal significance to me, i.e. there is a photo of me on the cover! o:


Marion wrote:
What a scare you gave me with the Black Static link, Des – I looked and thought – oh, poor Des! He does look ill!
Then I saw your photo underneath the bigger one!
Such a relief…

LOL! … PREVIOUSLY (in BB voice over) and NOW. “Well worth a closer look”. (That tall lady in the Feeederm advert with the top-knot in her hair will have the latest Black Static in her hand TOMORROW).

BTW, Marion, your summaries of each BB episode are second to none on the whole internet I reckon. I think BB fans must be flocking here, because the viewcount of this thread still increases exponentially.


Marion wrote:
The three were then zombified spectacularly. They truly were quite shuddersome – Faye even managed a wonky sex appeal in her tattered dress and scars as she snarled out of her tomb.

Yes, some more effective Horror Genre last night. And a glimpse of Tashie the Dog again. All grist to the blood&bone-mill. And the stirring-mill of Janton – like those two ladies in an earlier BB, who, after watching secretly live TV of their other housemates, created the biggest fight in BB history when they returned to the fold.
And the film Dead Set – a Zombie film about BB with Davina killed gruesomely – came back to haunt the House. The semi-Celebrities attending the film show as the real Zombies in light disguise.

Jem to go tonight. She hasn’t transcended her newcomer status, in my book.


Marion wrote:
Very often, evictees seem much nicer when they come out of the house and drop the persona they lived in, but not Anton.

Anton left a nice message, though. A weak character trying to be strong. People like that won’t win – but he did for a time persuade me he had taken BB reality/irreality seriously in embracing the need (as a risk of either self-sacrifice or, like Nasty Nick?, self-fulfilment) for the catalytic role of House Villain. Too shallow, in the end.


I agree it was boring last night, but what was that Jay grin to camera over Louise’s shoulder when standing cuddling her? A signal of unreality in this reality show? Jay as corrosively instinctual belittling of the big in big brother…to appeal to BB cynics of whom there are millions who only watch BB to complain about it?


The rhythmic rowing-machines and Jem’s fruity warble of a voice both sent me to sleep tonight.


Marion wrote:
No, Faye is 19. Jem is 27 or 28, the Bossy Big Sister.

Sorry, I thought someone had commented that J looked older but F actually was the oldest. I still fall asleep when Jem starts her fruity warbling.

BTW, Marion, you needn’t have remote-controlled away to avoid Jay micturating – he just stormed off saying he couldn’t give an F.


It was Alex’s evening. The “rolling up” speech to Harry was repetitively redolent with emergent N-Dubzery. She has incredibly soft gauche innocence underpinned by streetwise steel and instinctively and deceptively articulate intelligence. Her head-to-heads separately with Harry and Tom were the most memorable events of this BB season so far.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the blah blah blah bumped and ground along the ground – hugely and tangibly dream-swagged with a slithy tove in the shape of an ancient god mis-laden with a transgressive motive-impulse and stained with a rippling N-Dubz skin-mosaic.


From what I can see, Tom and Alex are a match made in Chocolate Heaven.

Aaron shafted by Mum’s Net!

Intrigued by slithy Jay’s recounting all the synchronicities concerned with 9/11, via numerology, backward and upside down writing, astrological harmonics etc. At least the Tove has some heuristic ability to think beyond its tattoos.


The match made in heaven yesterday, then Aaron’s match and a thousand trees or a tree and a thousand matches tonight!

Meanwhile, the betting game was a flop. The chocolate ghastly.

Oh dear, I fell asleep in the last 15 minutes. What on earth happened?


Marion wrote:
Aaron played a stormer, wandering about like Hamlet’s father’s ghost murmuring ‘To leave or not to leave’ when it was perfectly obvious that wild horses couldn’t drag him out of there. I paricularly enjoyed the scene where Jay set about persuading Aaron that he should not leave. Aaron sat with trembling hand, hunched over a roll-up like something out of ‘A Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisvitch’, gaunt and drawn and trembling handed, allowing himself to be persuaded to hesitate about going.

And I also liked the way he is now treating his life as I do real-time reviews – ie. in 10 minute insulated bites. A good method of decisive indecisiveness. At least we can now tell the matches from the trees.


The Palmer sisters are an enigma to me. They strike me as businesswomen first and foremost. So I tend to believe all their moods and actions are orchestrated. They may be bad businesswomen and have misorchestrated their stay in the house, but businesswomen nevertheless (forging a wrestling compnay, not only wrestling with bodies but with minds, our minds as well as, subconsciously, their own?).

Tom and Alex did some side role-playing – delightfully threatening to ‘go’ – and then to buy a house called ANUAS. They both perhaps live in a land called REHTORB GIB or a new version of Psycho: AXMOTEL.

[BTW, does anyone remember Alison Hammond from Big Brother 2002 (according to Wikipedia she was the second housemate evicted and she broke a picnic table). I don’t recall her myself, but I noticed a poster when walking on Clacton pier today, and that she recently opened the new ten-pin bowling-alley there!]

PS: When I dance, I do it like Aaron did in the 90s rave last night.


Marion wrote:
Aaron was mightily teased by all the others for his dancing. He told jay that when he goes out he’ll see that everyone’s doing it his way now! He was a bit frenetic, true, but jay was like a zombie coming to life!

And the sock wrestling when they announced it, I first imagined they would be fighting with their hands in sock puppets.
Hope Jay goes tonight. Zombie or Slithy Tove, his voice is beginning to grate.

PS: Sorry, I forgot – Jay is still in!
Harry went – amid much sobbing. Nice lad.

COMMENTARY CONTINUED HERE: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/2011-big-brother-6/


ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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2011 Big Brother (4)

{Later} 14/10/11
Marion wrote:
Apparently , as a prank, jay defecated in a box and put it in the freezer and that is what Aaron is referring to.

That puts Bobby Sabel’s sweat into the shade.


des wrote:
That puts Bobby Sabel’s sweat into the shade.

Meanwhile, Faye and Aaron have a hiccup!

… and the best game ever DEAL OR NO DEAL now cloned as a meal game on on BIG BROTHER! Does life get any better?

Both Anton and Aden to go, I say!


British troops fought in Aden when I was at University in the sixties. Armies struggle and rap within this new Aden’s ill-shaven headland – as he faces the prospect of his sham/real skirmish/entente cordiale/romance (sham to some of those armies and real to others?) with the Protectorate of Rebeckah and its snarly-grin.

To appreciate that Meal game, Marion, you need to appreciate the subtle complexities of DEAL OR NO DEAL (of which I have written blogs in the last few years). Temptation and probability and all-or-nothing or halfway measures from some pervasive but non-omniscient God-banker. Whether it was a false game last night depends whether all the tureens were chosen randomly for each HM. The player-HM seemed to be random with Aaron’s spin of the wheel. But I sense that pizza&beer was BB’s preferred choice for them, so I do have my suspicions. Your astute itemisation of each of the HMs own tureen contents being appropriate to them personally might mean there is a meaningful pattern in the universe. If, say, Jay had been chosen by the wheel, then, if he had not been tempted out of pursuance of its hidden prize by the God-banker, then all of the Hms would have ended up with one pea. [The crux of the game is that the God-banker (here BB) does not know what is in each tureen.]


Aaron’s Shakespearean soliloquy in the garden – with the refrain ‘My House’ – was carefully constructed, rehearsed and delivered –
And Louise, later, with the single line “I wish I could burp, but I can only fart, me.” A dramatic contrast. Comic relief from Lady ‘Toby or not Toby’ Belch.
Well, it seems posh Harry specifically ordered all those Frosties a week or two ago, simply to supply a Frostie Fight tonight.
It’s as if plans were laid – and the whole thing staged or rigged even though none of the participants knew it was or would be staged or rigged.
Jay and Louise realise they need to re-ignite their ‘relationship’ if they are to stand any chance of winning.
Aaron and Faye, too. To see which couple can climb the highest in the rigging.


Marion wrote:
Aaron had been out stargazing with Faye (shades of Brian Belo and Amanda?) looked upon the ruination with sorrow and disgust

Shades of Shakespeare in Love, too. Intentionally ‘more mature’ than the ‘Brian’ version –

I always thought it was against the BB rules to create games (like chess) from household artefacts. (They’re not allowed to take in games or books etc so that they can concentrate on the love, bitching, grossness etc).

Jem and Faye seem a staged sororal archetype of squabble and hugging.


Marion wrote:
…disgusting habits, the unfriend friendships, the filthy untidy house and poor rations, the silly tasks and pointless destruction,

Seems like an ambiance many people would recognise these days in their normal lives – with them and their world on the brink of some brink!


Anton to win!
The only housemate who has reconciled himself to the need to publicly embrace the human condition of self-deception and to admit that BB is nothing but role-playing when push comes to shove. Artifice and truth, albeit both are intrinsically character-based, surely represent a paradoxical battle that artifice will always win because of the nature of the human being. A paradox of becoming true to artifice!

The artifice of being true to oneself, while in BB.
In BB and in Life itself, perhaps.
Internally and externally.


Marion Arnott wrote:
he deceives himself about his own motives

That’s part of the human condition, too. I agree that Anton has a long way to go to become decisively machiavellian and to to be likeable. All machiavellians have to be likeable (at least likeable to some people) to be machiavellian! But nobody is likeable in the house, except possibly Alex. She’s my other choice but purely on the grounds of likeability.


Marion Arnott wrote:
Aaron is a major character – without him we’d have no counterpoint to the grossness of some of the others. He brings conflict, drama, and hilarity. He is the real machiavellian of the house (no wonder Anton loathes him) – changeable as the weather and a complete self construct.

Aaron is that dark creature squirreling away a spine of self-ness that allows of no self-deception. Worthy catalytic Housemate. But I don’t like him.
Tom is not my cup of tea.
Harry, maybe.
So Alex or Harry, if I am serious.
Anton, if I’m being mischiveously machiavellian myself!


Some great highlights tonight:
The Peg-faces
Anton’s knitting and sunflowers
Jay’s ‘Loo’ and voicing the word ‘epiphany’ in a story he tells to Lou.
More from me tomorroo.
Not so great: Aaron and Faye snogging in every available space. They ought to try the camera runs. And not come back.


I think the peg task gave striking images with the resultant peg-‘bearded’ faces as art installations.
And Anton showed his sense of humour in oscillating so blatantly between aspirational villain and reluctant good guy.


Marion wrote:
The show opened with Aaron declaring that the house is built on a burial site and is haunted.Cue: The discovery of the Crypt later on in the programmeAnton and Jay complain in the DR about starvation. They will cut off digits in exchange for food. They are near death through lack of food.
‘How near death are you?’ BB coolly asks.Cue:Jay and Anton will become dead to the other HMs in the Crypt.OK, we read the signs. There’s a scriptwriter at work. Whoever he is, he should be taken out and shot for his juvenile foreshadowing.PS Wasn’t it odd that Jay and Anton nominated Alex, Jem and Tom? and not Harry and Aaron? It’s almoast as if the crypt was meant for them and no other…

Marion, you’ve hit another nail on the head. They are not the only examples above of this programme being either full of the spirituality of predestination or the collusive fraud of all parties (including professional actors as mock HMs) who are shareholders in Channel 5.
Goats and monkeys! Stone headphones and crypt-kickers! A real monster mash.


Marion wrote:
The dog turned out to be Tashie, so no scare there.

I thought that was very effective. A yappy dog in a cage with a human face – startled me – and reminded me of the film ‘Freaks‘.

In fact the whole Crypt task should appeal to readers of ‘Black Static‘ (an award-winning Horror magazine published by TTA Press, the Host of this discussion forum we’re using for our BB comments). Some of it was very well done. Some not. The half-serious, half-absurd elements (certainly in the two crypt-kickers) were interesting if one is able to insulate some of the images and statements from the game-show ‘Reality’ TV of BB against which most people who read our comments are prejudiced.

NB: TTA Press also publish the acclaimed and long-running SF magazine ‘Interzone‘. The Dickian reality of BB is probably that side of things … and dystopian futures.


Marion wrote:
What a scare you gave me with the Black Static link, Des – I looked and thought – oh, poor Des! He does look ill!
Then I saw your photo underneath the bigger one!
Such a relief…

LOL! … PREVIOUSLY (in BB voice over) and NOW. “Worth a closer look”. {That tall lady in the Feeederm advert with the top-knot in her hair will have the latest Black Static in her hand TOMORROW).

BTW, Marion, your summaries of each BB episode are second to none on the whole internet I reckon. I think BB fans must be flocking here, because the viewcount of this thread still increases exponentially.



ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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2011 Big Brother (3)

Marion wrote:
I don’t follow about the language?

The HMs tend to speak a special language (not dissimilar to that spoken in the original Anthony Burgess book of ‘Clockwork Orange’ (and in the film, too?)) that I don’t understand! (Sometimes mingled with something called Wrap?)


I think Alex is the only conceivable vote from me to eventually win the whole BB. She has a gawky charm – and a naive sense of humour. Clockwork Pink not Orange.
Aden is a strange cove. Old for his age in many ways. But even younger in some of his other ways. I think he believes his own tears – even when they’re forced out by a frowning imp with narrow sideburns.

(later) Anton was predictable in his childish wielding of regal power!
And the fooling of him with a no. 1 hit was a damp squib.
Louise is shaping up for a celebrity romance with Jay who played a blinder spelling out sweet nothings in love heart sweets under her pillow.
Meanwhile, overall, can this BB season sink any lower…?


Could Jay’s ‘faux pas’ – in the light of Jade / Shilpa and that other girl who once used the N word and was chucked out from the House – become what this BB season will eventually be remembered for?
Aaron’s reaction was no doubt a conscious or unconscious reflection of that BB folk-hinterland.


Well, Mark has a new variation on toothbrush-talking – using a finger to mutate the words.

Alex and, when serious, Mark – to watch as eventual winners.

The disconnections of this group of people are sometimes painful to watch. I get the impression we are quietly mocked by others here for watching it at all. But if they read our reports since 2004, they may begin to espy some valuable pattern amid the crudity and fauxmances and celebritification and meaninglessness (a contention that I also briefly mention, when asked by the interviewer, during my forthcoming interview in Black Static #25).


Marion wrote:
Nothing became him in the house like his leaving of it.

Agree with all that Marion, assuming Mark does leave. The Mark ‘going’ and the others’ reaction to it – a candidate for classic BB of a genuine touching quality.

I was impressed with Jay yesterday. There I’ve said it. I didn’t know I could get it out. Impressive both as suited boss and aspiring poet and reactor to Mark’s going.

Marion wrote:
– a stinking fish gleaming beautifully in the moon light is still a stinking fish.



Marion wrote:
No one could possibly be attracted to this gross beast of a man.

Feral love?

Once again, I am left agog by Marion’s report. So much more enjoyable than the show itself.
Although I did enjoy last night’s show. I really admired the wildest act of foolhardiness I think I have ever witnessed. And that’s not just Harry’s Zeroism of food-ordering! More that act of feral love.

Mark’s departure was another act of self-sacrifice disguising an act of self-fulfilment, or vice versa. That’s the beauty of BB – it teaches that one never really knows what is real in reality.

I am reading this new academic book at the moment:
Deceit and Self-Deception by Robert Trivers (Allen Lane). From the books’ preface:

“The time is ripe for a general theory of deceit and self-deception based on evolotionary logic, a theory that in principle applies to all species but with special force to our own. We are thoroughgoing liars, even to ourselves. Our most prized possession – language – not only strengthens our ability to lie but greatly extends its range. We can lie about events distant in space and time, the details and meaning of the behaviour of others, our innermost thoughts and desires and so on. But why, why self-deception? Why do we possess marvelous sense organs to detect information only to distort it after arrival?
[…] It is a dark and opaque side to ourselves, one that we leave untreated at our own peril, but it is also a source of endless humour and amazement, so that we can also enjoy the subject as we suffer it.”

(later) Well, Maisy goes and someone new is due to enter the house – someone apparently whom Faye knows. Another wrestler?

Just before watching tonight’s show, I saw a remarkable documentary on BBC4 about the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, known to his friends as Slava. I saw him perform in 1987 in London (on the night of the big storm and the same night as Jacqueline du Pre’s death). One of his previous pupils, on this documentary, told of an incident of seeing him teach another cellist who seemed to play perfectly and then Slava said to him: “Imagine a suitcase, a perfect suitcase, with crocodile skin and beautiful gold fastenings etc. Imagine opening it. And see what you find inside. Absolutely nothing. And that’s your playing.” Or words to that effect. Tonight, a few minutes later, Faye said almost the same things about herself and her glass bowl she brought into the House.

And a big row tonight about food dye and clothes steeping in the bath after having been washed. Aaron asks why people like the perpetrator are still in the House. Well, it’s better than the House being empty, I say. And a Jay in the House is one less Jay in the real world.

Ah, that banana man-shape. Another crocodile suitcase.


Marion wrote:
Are scripts for the HMs being written ?

A fascinating question figuratively and literally.
Literally because induced self-deception from a third party is a serious phenomenon being discussed in that book I’m reading.
(A symbol in the sky from Maisy’s Dad and a pre-determined implant from Darcy (Faye) Steele’s sister – and former Gladiator – Jemma Palmer).

[Going back to the Rostropovich documentary there is a review of it here where it says:
“He was just a bit of a brute. Like the time he showed his two daughters what he thought of their new jeans, a luxury in Soviet Russia. He took them outside, poured on petrol, and set fire to them – the jeans, not the daughters.”
Remind you of BB?]


Marion  wrote:
I don’t like Faye’s sister coming in, with her knowledge of all that has gone on in the house. And I very much suspect that she has an agenda set by BB.

I agree. Have you noticed that some, if not all, the HMs, these days, are semi-celebrities already – each one knowing what is expected of them to make a mark (no pun intended) within the now traditional House scenario. With mock amenability or mock rage, they’ll even put up with humiliations and damage to themselves or to their belongings or to their food or health, to fulfil this pre-determined or retrocausal role.


Marion wrote:
Faye’s sister Jem is a right royal pain in the neck. Hardly in the house, shes ordering her sister not to smoke or she’ll throw her cigarettes in the pool.

I rather think Faye smokes like you describe Aden smokes, and, if so, a good thing Jem the Stubber has arrived.

I was rather taken with Jem’s statement in the DR that she feels she has been ‘sucked into a television’. Whovian?

I agree, like in all good fiction, we’re not being ‘shown’ the whole picture but, as grown-up viewers, allowed to infer – or create a tantalisingly incomplete gestalt from rationed leitmotifs. Perhaps we all need to do a task to earn a luxury gestalt?


Marion wrote:
WE spend our whole lives creating gestalt from incomplete or ambiguous data.

I presume the emphasis of ‘WE’ was accidental?
Yes, I agree, anyway, but nobody except readers of certain fiction and possibly Big Brother viewers can actually begin to fully understand what that instinctive and often unconscious part of the human condition really means.
Not that Big Brother does it deliberately in that sense. It derives from them only having an hour to fill! (What happened to the 24 hour streaming?)


Marion wrote:
I can only speculate on how very awful it must be to be shut up in the house with that oaf.

As I said before, a Jay in the House is one less Jay in the real world.


Quite impressed with Jem tonight – she has a surreal dream of Jay examining her face for imperfections – and talks very intelligently about most things – with those geeky glasses in contrast with her brazen personality. Blind strength and beady-eyed sensitivity combined.

Say what yer like about Jay – he too has a schism of instincts, a treebark-voiced brashness dovetailed with a certain sensitivity … a bodily uncouthness and a sensible pragmatism when faced with Aaron’s stonewalling.


Marion wrote:
This has to be one of the most cringeworthy scenes ever seen on BB.

Indeed, we have reached rock bottom with these Jayouisms – after a few nights’ worth of random intellectual gristle wreaked from the general banana peels of this patchy BB season.

I am however impressed with the synergy of the Palmer Sisters – their characters are quite interesting together and, now, as a result, separately, even given the now strictured behaviour of Faye when in her cups..

Why did Faye nominate Aaron? Was it sheer cynically televisual bravado? A gratuitous act from an Albert Camus book?


they were not allowed to discuss noms –
now, in a cinema near you, the pathetic games of strategic life-changing chess turn inward with daggers striating the Kings’ and Queens’ heads shaped like crowns…

But then there is the Knight…

Marion wrote:
Harry , for me, was rather the man of the evening.

Harry Wharton of the Remove giving Frank Richards a run for his money and Anton Quelch -and Billy ‘Jay’ Bunter… and Tom Merry …
Next week a mixed ball with the girls’ school.
Cave or Caveat…


Anton’s ‘madness’ seems the first of its kind in BB history. I now wonder if this BB season is really a documentary – ever common on Ch 4 and Ch 5 I think – of ‘interesting’ people with physical or mental features likely to interest people watching those channels.
The men with yetis growing out of their shoulders. Or, at least, live tattoos.

Just before BB last night, I watched Tracy Emin’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ There was an ancient treadmill photograph from Chelmsford Prison where prisoners stepped up and down in a row, for hour after hour, unproductively climbing their own version of Anton’s Ben Nevis.

(Excellent report, again, Marion, btw. I, too, am fed up with feeding tasks. A bile sandwich short of a retched-up picnic).


Thanks for keeping us up to date with the niceties (!) of the House politics, Marion. But I couldn’t find anything about a freezer in that Youtube. Can you brriefly let me know what it is about to save me searching through that clip again. I think an hour of these people per night (plus your embroidery) is the optimum situation for me!

Two hours of dancing to one tune! I am sure the world psyche is becoming more Philip-Glass-like by the minute. (I was first minimalist in this strict sense in 1982 although I did conduct similar ‘happenings’ in the Sixties).

COMMENTARY CONTINUED HERE: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/2011-big-brother-4/


ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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2011 Big Brother (2)


Why did Tom last night nominate out of alphabetical order? Surely, BB didn’t retrocausally alter the order so that Rebeckah was the climax? Rebeckah whom BB would probably want to keep in as a maverick catalyst?

Faye’s enticement to Aaron to dirty-talk dirtied her a bit in my eyes; but nobody in the world these days is openly undirty, even if someone looks undirty. It’s as if even the Freedom tube itself is corrupted with humanity then smeared over innocence as well as over skin.

The voodoo-axis is about to break whatever happens on Friday. At least we shall then regain a closer look at Maisy, Mark et al.
One blended end of the Heaven/Hell seesaw being pent back up into the endless tube of riotous reality outside.

Meanwhile, within the conscience (or gestalt) of the game itself, I agree with Marion – especially about Heaven staying and Rebeckah going.

PS: Dappy of N-DUBZ lefts devastated by Simon Cowell: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/15002351

(Later) Alex – a racial miscegenation of Heaven (Heaven Africa) and Hell (Rebeckah Vaughn) by dint of a stained-skin freederm to say ‘yes’!
For all philosophers finding it well worth a closer look, i.e. at God’s gift of free will rather than of fixed pre-destination…


Glad to clear up misunderstandings about the natural course of reality in reality shows! Smile
And your latest report, Marion, is a tour de force. How can mere mortals match up…?
All true. All seminal to a greater understanding of mass culture as well as the high culture that lurks within it.
As well as just the god-honest rubbing together of human souls in the game of truth and fiction – and the game of celebrity-hunting-from-within-and-back-within modern people. Bravo!

Marion wrote:
…he looked like one of those cartons of Kia-Ora you used to get at Saturday matinees in the local flea-pit.

Relates to the earlier ‘Ka’ as does the ‘predestination / free will’ dichotomy in my previous post about archetypal miscegenation.
(I remember those ‘kia-ora’ adverts that came on just before Pathe News and Pearl & Dean.)


Marion wrote:
A horrible thought has occurred – Rebeckah is clearly upping the romantic stakes in the hope of surviving the eviction.

And is Aden acting the callow youth or is he the callow youth? If either, it’s quite impressive.

One of the best BB tasks ever – the ‘free will’ / predestination ‘yes’ task – as they chant “Really really really” in successfully completing it. (Did I imagine a glimpse of Jay’s task with the chicken dinner – that I originally missed being shown in full?)

And the ‘skin’ theme continues – i.e Alex’s miscegenation, Faye’s tattoo and Maisy’s Aden-spotted spot. Maisy is a blonde bombshell under wraps who simmers to the camera’s surface from time to time: still a winner in the wings? Like Mark?

And here’s a quiz question:- what was the combination code for opening the safe that contained the number five. A book prize from me for the first non-Marion to post the correct answer on the TTA Press thread. (I’ll be sending Marion a book after BB has finished, i.e. for all her reportage efforts, in any event, and just because she is a good egg).


So the false snarly-smiler is out!

Yes, Mark is real good BB material – as he showed in the DR tonight. Creative with miming the tranquiliser dart. He also shows wisdom from time to time when advising others with a wry sense of humour.
Yes, ‘dour’ is a good word for Anton.
Maisy looks too innocent to be Maisy.
She’s more like Marion’s twirling avatar.

Marion wrote:
Heaven was jubilant in the DR – Amun-Ra!
An interesting digression:
tells you all about negative energies and the 47 rituals.

Thanks, Marion.
Meanwhile, Rebec-kah wriggeled and wriggled in self deception.
A new book has just come out:
Deceit and Self-Deception
Fooling Yourself the Better to Fool Others
» Robert Trivers – Allen Lane Hardback : 06 Oct 2011
Concerns also the (mis-?) ‘confidence’ implicit in world economy and politics. The underpinning that the world’s self-deception provides for human being-racism – as a good or bad force?
Individual people necessarily in denial …
And, for me, the Internet itself (and its inhabitants) as the central force that now underpins all these machinations of self, Proustian selves, and survival / natural selection. – again for good or ill?
Books themselves now surviving as non-tree hypertext…but killing the centuries-old treebook version in the process.

(later): Marion (author of ‘Prussian Snowdrops’) has a major take on this, I feel, on the current ‘Big Brother’ thread: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=21586#21586

(later): I think this is the first time ever with BB that I’m in such two minds about a situation: about acting and genuineness; whether Aden is so distraught or thinks he is distraught or acting he is distraught. Equally with Beckah – bad girl, or acting bad girl, or not knowing she is bad girl or she is a BB mole or conniving (or Aden is a BB mole or conniving)… But if the worst case scenario is true, then BB has a lot to answer for with such emotional turmoil being evoked for public viewing.
I enjoyed Mark’s lateral thinking Ricky Gervaise act in the DR about Mummy Long Legs etc.


Marion wrote:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTp_Yy9QHBwDid you see a tear in Aden’s eyes, Des? We heard him cry but did not see it – he kept his head well down. I reckon he’s playing to the gallery.

I always thought ‘Devil Woman’ the best Cliff Richard 45 single of all time. That and ‘The Young Ones’.
And here we have today’s young ones – all in a tangled loop of ‘headless chicken’ tantrums and celebritification and politically correct caringness coupled with the most strident back-biting within emotional ambivalence.
I take your wise words, Marion, that Aden is sending signals of collusion with his behaviour inside to his partner-in-crime outside.


Marion wrote:
So, a little clue to the combination code:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TqwEPKUSBEA Nemonymous publication is up for grabs!

Thanks, Marion. Smile

The prize (signed by me if required) will be one of ‘The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies’ (2011) or ‘Weirdmonger’ (2003) or ‘Null Immortalis’ (2010) or ‘Cone Zero’ (2008) or ‘Cern Zoo’ (2009). If the winner can also show that he or she watches the programme regularly, i.e. with some public proof on the TTA Press thread (to my and Marion’s satisfaction) of so doing, he or she can choose the prize from the above list. If they simply give the correct answer, then I shall choose his or her prize from the above list.

(later) Miscegenations and Micturations
With every season of BB there comes a point when I doubt the value of watching it and question my own tolerances of acceptability, even when taking into account that Art sometimes wears the worst Human frailties as paints upon its palette. Yesterday, Mark was expostulating scatologically on smooth unbroken extrusions – today about sitting down to micturate – then competing with Jay in public onanism… later BB’s version of our sweet angelic twirling avatar nigh twirling herself upon ‘Aaron’s Rod’….
And Mark’s half miscegenation of stage blacking continues the ‘skin’ theme as referenced earlier in this thread.
Thanks goodness, though, meanwhile, Aden has taken a backseat from his staged blubbing.


Marion wrote:
If we get another show like tonight, my BB days are over.

Seems to match my reaction, too, above – but you paint the picture more fully for our readers, Marion, while maintaining your own and their (our readers’) dignity. Thanks.
Mark probably lost the game yesterday. Or the plot.
Your ‘lost in transmission’ comment was spot on. ‘Lost in translation’, too, as they say in the Scarlett Johansson school of Maziness, while Anton’s miming to her tried to keep some couple-dignity away from the growing Channel Five-engendered multi-orgasmic tendencies of the group’s gestalt. Pity Maisy couldn’t keep the dignity safe. She lost the game, too, yesterday. Not a spot on her face but on her character.
The statistics game was too complicated to have any bearing on truth, so Heaven shouldn’t worry.


And amid all that hissing and slithering as well as sucking and spewing, Marion, there was also much talk through vigorously mouth-stirred toothbrushes about issues that people could say more easily through such frothing orifices than would be the case otherwise.
The act of brushing one’s teeth seems these days to be a metaphorical averting of one’s eyes embarrassingly during ‘vital’ gossip or recriminatory talk rather than for the purpose of oral hygiene.
But not seen Maisy yet cleaning her teeth…. Lost in transmission, no doubt.


Marion wrote:
Interesting idea of standards in the house – not a word of reproach has been uttered to Jay and Mark while Aaron and Maisie take the flak.

Well, I suppose BB is a valuable reflection of social and sexual history of the moment before it hits the real history books.
Tom as a Hobbit is a brilliant realisation from you, Marion. Even Hobbits, it seems, have lost all decorum since Tolkien’s day.
Maisy as a limpet, too.

(later) Marion, I think you and I are currently making this programme seem better than it actually is with our discussions. Most of tonight’s edition was entirely stupid. Even that ape thing was obviously not real and the HMs were in showmanship collusion with pretending it as real. And the slap and tickle, garlic and slime, nudity and random flirting etc. are simply out of hand. No subtlety at all tonight. My current mood is to make a bargain with you – that we both withdraw and leave the House to go its own way without our attention. Tomorrow, I may feel differently. I shall sleep on it, as they say…


Do you really think that the HMs thought it was a real ape?
Your report is brilliant, Marion, but pity the prgramme hasn’t been up to scratch lately. I notice you were once on the brink, too, last night.
On the strength of the ‘yes/no’ task a week ago, I shall persevere, but probably only because I simply love Marion’s reports!


Last evening relieved by a melanised Mark fooling Jay to act like his true Jay self in a mock task. Harry and Aaron were mere spear-carrriers in that scenario.
Meanwhile, I hope Aden goes tonight. Or is that Aaron, Anton or Amun?

(For completists: I have mentioned some details of this Big Brother in my real-time review of the first story ‘Mrs Midnight’ here.)

(later) Heaven’s gone, Hell is here.
Why do they all smoke so much?

So – just a couple more votes from Marion, and Heaven would have been saved.


Marion wrote:
It was a HORRID eviction. The crowd boos everyone, deserving or not, and the HMs couldn’t even find it in themselves to be a little gracious.

Earlier in the show a few weeks ago, Mark and (I think) Faye had eye make-up like that of the main character in the film CLOCKWORK ORANGE. (The front page of the Radio Times this week has the Doctor and friends similarly decked). Heaven’s e-fiction was like a scene from that film. They even speak its language. We look on as if this is unreal but we all know this is a ‘reality’ show.

THE ABOVE COMMENTARY IS NOW CONTINUED HERE: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/2011-big-brother-3/


ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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2011 Big Brother


This is crazeee. Heaven’s Gate, Mark’s House, and Thomas’s huge John Thomas!

All 14 of them in. Far too young an average age. All far too good looking. No eccentric, weathered people. Hmmmm.


Marion wrote:
PS – like your new icon, Des. Classy!

Thanks, Marion. Taken from here: http://classicalhorror.wordpress.com/

And thank you for an excellent aide memoire of ‘characters’. (Except, should be Tom not Tony?)

Meanwhile, it seems to me that Ch 5/BB have designed specifically here for sexual encounters and little else…


I wonder if one should look on the works of Mankind and Despair … and here I have found myself in a quandary. Either truly horrified. Or ‘artistically’ horrified at this half real / half unreal slice of life today. Whether, in the context of misguided freedom, it is or it is not ‘well worth a closer look’? Is humanity just skin deep? In this context, Marion, Faye looked blank because, as she said, she did not consider us to be animals. But then, of course, we have Becky’s Urolagnia to consider, a drip feed that Sartreanly closets us all ‘in camera’ …


Thanks for that perceptive build-up of impressions of the HMs, Marion.
I think the first two HMs into the House, Mark and Maisie, are the most engaging so far. Mark Mark for possible winner?

Not too impressed with most of the others but – unlike Marion? – I think highly of Aaron and Louise as quasi-seasoned wisdom-holders. “Well worth a closer look.”

But spot prize for Anton quoting George Orwell (even if pre-prepared during brainstorming sessions with his advisers before entering the BB House) – “in the land of Deceit, Truth is a Revolutionary act”. Is that a genuine quote? Not checked it out, but it rings true and sits well with my own “synchronised shards of random truth & fiiction.”

Yes Harry is a slow burner or blind boil. I’d forgotten about him. Can anyone win who (illegally?) chases and kills foxes with hounds…?


Maisy James is an elfin form of that ‘fifties pinup’, methinks, someone Tolkien would have liked to have put in LOTR if his imagination had been strong enough.

Anton and Aden have the ardour for the chase, methinks, in the Forest of Arden… The dirty, frond-dark chase.

Jay is Avian Flew with garish markings and disease-ridden croaks, grounded by its own inability to soar mentally beyond its eye-patch.

Over the years, there has always been some poetic truth to BB in spite, sometimes because, of its own denizens’ mirings in a wish to fly towards a misconceived celebrity heaven from a too real TV hell.

Marion wrote:
 But what is truth? I have been considering the astonishing claims of Tashie and Anton concerning Pamela. How odd that they should both blurt that out.
Is BB being an agent provocateur and asking leading questions which we do not get to hear and thereby setting them up?

A good question. And those not reading this thread will be further decontextualised by not even seeing that question asked let alone answered!

I am still taken with Rebeckah’s use of the word ‘doppleganger’ – was she fed this off-stage? She seems to be some sort of Temptress … planted as a hyponotised mole or, in your words, Marion, ‘agent provocateur’?


I like Alex and her ugly-beautiful face and her long fairy-tale doll’s hair.

Marion’s portrait of Rebeckah is, having thought about it, spot on. “Well worth a distant look”, to keep one’s own face clean and soul pure-white. A single too close a look is enough to sully us crowding-in, peer-pressure students of human nature. The Ka-tet ab initio, of yet inscrutable motives. Or simply pre-prepared triple-bluff mole-acting? (Ka-tet or wolf-pack?)

Marion’s comments yesterday made me realise that one doesn’t always hear the full two-way exchange in the DR between BB and the HM. We are being fed decontextualisation and conflation, if not tendentiousness, by some higher BB in the pecking-order of narrative levels…

The Ka haunts me.


Jedward Rules: http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/RX1NCHPB7T5F8/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#RX1NCHPB7T5F8
Bears out my Gilbert and George comparison.

And I note Kerry and Lucien are getting it together for OK Mag!

If Tashie were in Tashie’s Tragedy by Shakespeare, she may win awards as an actress. This is BB at its most cringingly brilliant. Tashie is a phenomenon. Part of me hopes she goes on Friday. But most of me hopes Harry goes, mainly because he carries strange Etonic baggage that alters normal voting patterns.

Rebeckah continues to brainstorm a flirtation programme and some emotional ‘dirty dancing’.

Tom’s Grandad meanwhile looks down from Heaven towards the Hell in which he’s left his loved ones. No hope for the Euro.

Louise and Maisy continue to impress, not necessarily because of their looks, but their whole auras. Aaron’s aura, too.

BTW, I’ve just realised that of the full names I gave earlier, Faye Palmer and Darcy Steele are the same person. Not really commented on Faye yet. And still can’t think of what to say!
And in Heaven’s sky the full moon weeps.


I think this is the most complex Housemate gestalt there has ever been, but that does not mean any one particle in that concatenation of a people Hadron-Collider is more complex than any BB particle of the Channel 4 past.

Motives are churning out of control from person to person with an inscrutable display of contagion. Not Avian Influenza, but some Aden-Anton-Aaron (as just one example) Platonic archetype of sexual-fission. The Tom-Mark dicksplay another. The Tashie-Faye-Louise-Maisy golem waits pretty-preening in the wings, hoping they, too, are not Bird Flew bait. Rebeckah, meanwhile, is a one person ‘bad-wolf’ pack, a catatonic single-minded ka-tet with her own maliciously contrived Dark Tower at the Collider’s core to which all the spinning men (meant to halt sporadically in awe) are to make obeisances.

Alex sits like a Botticelli angel on the moon above, combing her thick, stringy tresses.

I hope Harry is voted out tonight – as he is not intrinsic to the above gestalt.


Yes, I found all that Tom, Dick and Harry stuff – sorry, Tom, Aaron and Lovebite stuff quite shocking.

Alex’s walking task was a sheer delight.

Tashie showed dignity in the face of a public trauma –

Meawnhile, the grim gestalt spreads its remaining wings amid ugly tweets.

And since when did so many mono, stereo, solo, multiple, ambivalently aberrant or non-aberrant permutations in human mating-dances become so seamless with such publicly-viewed acceptability?  And when not publicly-viewed in the more private unfacebook past, were those permutations ever such?


Yes I agree we are fed decontextualisation and conflation with tendentious cameras. Makes one question the whole value of watching the programme – but it is interesting in itself to recognise such connivances and other attempted collusions with the more gullible elements of the audience. I suggest, you and I, Marion, are gullible, too, in our own ways – because nobody knows the full depth of one’s own gullibility if one tries to block it out.

The wedding was collusively fabricated although it was called in the commentary ‘impromptu’. Props provided to match the HMs’ ‘knowingness’ about the tradtional needs of BB programmers.

It is disingenuous for BB to get uptight about the mayhem and the mattress in the swimming pool. These HMs no doubt watched CBB where similar events went unpunished. So, here, the ‘collusive’ knowingness of what was required missed a gear, perhaps.

I agree that Rebeckah is at the gyre’s centre of the collusion and of her own decontextualisation of self. She’s conflated image and self even towards a gullibility of believing she’s the shrewdest shrew there.

The only HM I actually like as a person is Alex Rose Lee (from what I have seen of her up t0 this morning’s censored repeat). With Maisy James a close second. Mark Henderson maybe, too, if one sees him as the balancing good daimon to Rebeckah Vaughn’s bad one..

But what was Alex’s repeated question about ‘endobs’? Is this a code for something intrinsic to the incantatory gestaltic holism of healings from Heaven?  Or to a specific female complaint?

[Later] I have done much research to discover she was referring to a band called N-Dubz. I wonder if this was ‘product placement’ by Alex on behalf of N-Dubz? Like, I recall, a HM recently talking about skincare in this programme sponsored by Freederm. Well worth a closer look.


Marion wrote:
I hadn’t noticed the Freederm thing, but now that you mention product placement, those chicken suits tonight were very like the logo on a certain brand of stock cube.

I earlier had my own product placements:

des2 wrote:
Marion’s portrait of Rebeckah is, having thought about it, spot on. “Well worth a distant look”, to keep one’s own face clean and soul pure-white. A single too close a look is enough to sully us crowding-in, peer-pressure students of human nature.
des2 wrote:
Not too impressed with most of the others but – unlike Marion? – I think highly of Aaron and Louise as quasi-seasoned wisdom-holders. “Well worth a closer look.”
But spot prize for Anton quoting George Orwell

Latest episode is tempting fate by symbolically coming closer to an Avian Influenza theme, with human people in close intimacy with chicken body-puppets.

I depend, meanwhile, on Marion for low-downs on the relationships between various HMs. Thanks.


Marion wrote:
Bless them all, they were really excited. So was I. How silly! What is it about getting ready for a date that thrills us all? But there it is – BB magic.

Indeed. Also, your comparison of the chicken dinner date with a scene from the film ‘Tom Jones’ (Albert Finney) was spot on. As is your growing assessment (mine, too) of Faye Palmer (Darcy Steele). A lovely, characterful girl.

The Rebeckah /Heaven voodoo axis is however now central to current machinations (partially concerning the battle of moral territory in Aden) – and, yes, Tom surprisingly shone out as a new beacon of rightness in this increasingly insidious context.

Meanwhile, people like Anton, Maisy, Alex etc have taken a backseat in the camera’s tendentious excerpting, although I rather enjoyed Jay’s exagerrated pleas for food (taking a cold shower for 15 hours or walking around nude for 3 days). It was the chicken dinner, Marion, that he resented missing rather than the date with Faye.

Yesterday’s sickness *as* chickens as well as being part of the Bird Flu subtext was a poetic prelude to the date…?

COMMENTARY CONTINUED HERE: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/2011-big-brother-2/


ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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