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The Mercury Annual



“I suppose it is significant that today, this very day that I am reading this book – the day of BBC News reporting several long-lost episodes of DR WHO from the 1960s having been discovered in Nigeria, or is it Ethiopia? – I learn of finding Razalia again, the unfinished planet, not in the area where it actually does exist for real in space […] but discovered by the chance discovery within the text discovered within Keith’s loft as he sorts comics and remembers discussing with George over the years the conundrum of exactly where they had lost Razalia, and, in turn, directly as a result of that, now, today, discovered by me within the very text of the sustained prose discovered within the book about Keith and George that I am myself reading.”

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The Lost Whovian Woofers


This is part of one of the best book covers I’ve seen for a while – by Howard Watts for TQF #43

My RTRcausal of this book’s fiction HERE.

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Boxing Day morning photo – post The Royle Family and its Dickies


Where ‘The Royle Family’ started going down hill last night for me was when breaking its own universe or tolerance-field upon finding that electric drill in the back of the sofa. (I can conceive however of ‘believing’ in a different universe where a full-sized sofa is found inside a giant drill.)
The dickie joke and the A Team dressed in dickie bows to brush up the rough suitor were other jars against, rather than creative extensions of, the Royle Family’s Pinteresque force of farce.
Meanwhile, the Doctor Who snowmen episode, I’m told, is a prequel of a 1968 Patrick Troughton Dr Who story which I must have watched in real-time.

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