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The Stones Rocked

[image taken from Tony Lovell’s front cover of ‘Horror Without Victims’]

The Stones rocked last night the other side of the Tor. A new Glistenberry Festival. An old Weirdtongue croaking out to the animal zodiac in them there hills. The Abbey Ruins wiggling back to life. Paint it Black.

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‘Nemonymous Night at the Earth’s Core’ by DF Lewis and Edgar Rice Burroughs


I’m proud of all my Quirk Classics linked above.


Meanwhile, what is the symbol between section breaks in the NN book itself, that I originally thought was an apple core to represent the earth’s core?

The publisher has now told me. And it’s not what I thought!


The 2011 Glistenberry Festival

I thought it was great last night. Mumford & Sons, U2, Morrissey, Fearne Cotton, Lauren Laverne, the rain…

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