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The Angel Bird

My local skailine this morning that followed yesterday’s reading and reviewing HERE of THE MONK’S BIBLE by Harold Billings.

Skai: river (as in HPL), stream, torrent and, by assonance, sky.

“…and soon afterward he came to the great stone bridge across the Skai, into whose central pier the masons had sealed a living human sacrifice when they built it thirteen-hundred years before…” from ‘The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath’ (a novella that I review here).

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The Magic of LEDLO

The modern day canon of the LES ÉDITIONS DE L’OUBLI to date:


Aornos by Avalon Brantley
A Dead Church by Harold Billings
HISTORY OF ‘LES EDITIONS DE L’OUBLI’: Letters from Oblivion by Andrew Condous
Plus these three books that are also modern day LEDLOs from Bucharest:

The Aesthete Hagiographer by Derek John
O Altítudo by Thomas STRØMSHOLT

All the above links are to my real-time reviews.

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