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Nemonymous Remembered

imageInteresting article HERE by its author about VOLE MOUNTAIN, a story that appeared in the 2004 edition of Nemonymous: the one above with the pure white cover.

Interesting to note that ‘vole’ is an anagram of ‘love’, something I (and apparently the author!) had not noticed before. Relevant, too.

There are still some issues of old NEMONYMOUS available at reasonable prices (with my signature if required) HERE.

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Nemonymous and SF Signal

Details HERE of the SF Signal article about anthologies.

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Book Stains


A photo taken this morning for my SOUL STAINS article HERE.

“I feel that the souls of original writers — for the more original a writer is, the more powerful is the pressure of his projected soul — are real presences that have their dwelling inside the printed pages of the author’s books;…”
– from ‘The Inmates’ by John Cowper Powys

“Every book has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”
— from ‘The Shadow Of The Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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Dalí and the Nemonymous


“Solange de Cléda’s face seemed to have become serene, but if at this moment someone had had the curiosity to draw near and look between her half-shut eyelids he would probably have been terrified to observe that they were without sight and that in the slits between her lashes, instead of fixed pupils, only the whites were visible. And it is in the whites of these eyes, smooth as those of blind statues, that Salvador Dalí’s imagination wishes to engrave, and thereby immortalize them at the end of this chapter, the Latin word, ‘NIHIL’, which means ‘NOTHING’.”

The above is today’s quoted passage from ‘Hidden Faces’ (1944) a novel by Salvador Dalí, as translated, in the same year and reportedly in the author’s presence, by Haakon Chevalier.

My other quotes from this book so far: http://expenscusil.wordpress.com/quotes-from-hidden-faces-by-salvador-dali/


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Synchronised Shards of Random Truth and Fiction


Nemonymous Books for sale: HERE (signed by editor/publisher)

The one above contains:

  • “The Robot & The Octopus”, Tony Ballantyne
  • “Driving In Circles”, Iain Rowan
  • “Running Away to Join the Town”, Paul Meloy
  • “Solid Gold”, Rachel Kendall
  • “George the Baker”, Anonymous
  • “The Hills Are Alive”, S. D. Tullis
  • “Huntin’ Season”, Monica O’Rourke
  • “Well Tempered”, Neil Williamson
  • “The Scariest Story I Know”, Scott Edelman
  • “New Science”, Gary McMahon
  • “Soul Stains”, Robyn Alezanders
  • “Grandma’s Two Watches”, Lavie Tidhar

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Lavie Tidhar

Congratulations to Lavie Tidhar and PS Publishing for recently winning the World Fantasy Best Novel Award for OSAMA.

I am proud that Lavie’s first publication was in Nemonymous Three (2003) above.

Lavie’s ‘article’ below was posted here in 2006 as one record of many writers’ records about their Nemonymous experience at that time:

The Ballerina (Nemo 3)
Grandma’s Two Watches (Nemo 5)
My story in Nemonymous #3 was my first proper sale, and it made a
big difference. Since then I’ve sold stories to Sci Fiction (sadly, the last one
published before it folded last year) and to two other Ellen Datlow-edited
anthologies (look out for my story, “My Travels with Al-Qaeda” in Salon
Fantastique – co-edited by Datlow and Terry Windling – towards the end of the
year), to Strange Horizons, Postscripts, and a fair number of others. My novella
“An Occupation of Angels”, was published in paperback in the UK by Pendragon
Press, and I was a finalist for Writers of the Future last year. I’ve also been
making a documentary film about SF which is currently in pre-editing – it will
take some time to be finished! – and I keep being published semi-regularly in
countries such as Greece, China and Poland, with some new French translations
coming soon.
My story in Nemonymous #5, “Grandma’s Two Watches”, has a
particular meaning for me, both for being a very personal story, and for being
my first Hebrew story to be published in an English translation – I don’t write
many stories in Hebrew, and I’m delighted that they seem to do as well as the
ones written in English – Ellen Datlow is taking another one for a new SF
anthology from St. Martin’s.
I enjoyed my “Nemonymous Experience”, the beautiful production of the books,
the high quality of the stories, Des’ more-than-occasional ramblings, and the
whole debate it sometimes stirred across the Internet. I also loved making up
user-names to send Des stories with. CaptainNemo101 and Nemo Nymous and all the
rest of the crew. It’s been fun! And I’m delighted Des is re-launching Nemo – may it live long, and prosper. >>

Nemonymous Five (2005):

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Proud List

Lavie Tidhar’s first proper sale was ‘The Ballerina’ in 2003 to “Nemonymous.” As he says here. I am very proud of this.
Others started or were early in their career there, too, whom I shall feature soon on my proud list.

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Weird Weird Literature

Over the years – for those who have been exploring my vituperative ramblings on-line (still in situ) – I have given the impression, at least to myself, of falling between various stools.  Stools that would have supported me – or provided me seemly relief from a sense of scatological unworth.

Even as Weirdmonger, I was so far between stools, I’m not in  the 800 pages of the book here or in the previous ‘New Weird’.  Can’t complain, though.

Now Chômu Press has for me become an evolving Venner for these radiations of fiction force.

Please also see here for my most recent yet effectively pre-Chômu ramblings on this field-theory of weird-palimpsest.


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Double Zero For Emptiness – by Mike O’Driscoll

Since having published the blog below elsewhere in March 2009, I have read Stephen King’s Dark Tower books ‘Song of Susannah’ and that part of ‘The Dark Tower’ (final volume) concerning his ‘famous’ real-life accident in 1999. In both books, Stephen King appears in person, by name, as a character, at one point mentioning his sons Joe and Owen, and wife Tabby – and this accident is grafted on to the reality of the fiction in a very interesting way. [This is my real-time review of King’s DT book, written over the last few days, where I discovered this potentially important comparison.]

Mike O’Driscoll’s story ‘Double Zero For Emptiness’ was first published in 2001 (long before ‘Song of Susannah’ and the last Dark Tower volume were published). This was within the literary journal NEMONYMOUS.  This Mike O’Driscoll story now bears, for me, striking comparison with my very first and recent reading of King’s DT books mentioned above – and it deserves critical scrutiny by someone currently more detached than myself from it.   Meanwhile, it has certainly enhanced, even shaken, my experience of the time conundrums (inter alia) that the King’s DT books portray.  [Merely as an aside: this is a quote from Stephen King’s DT book: “…; his [King’s] eyes were shocked zeroes.” ]


Double Zero For Emptiness

posted Friday, 20 March 2009

 Nemonymous's avatar

A story that is close to my heart as it was first published in the very first issue of ‘Nemonymous‘ in 2001.
I’m not sure if it has been published again since then.
It is entitled:-

Double Zero For Emptiness

by Mike O’Driscoll

This is a third-person singular ‘monologue’ as if by Stephen King upon reviewing his own ‘(un)becoming’ – his relationships public and private – his thoughts on writing – his ‘fame’ – his hopes and fears – leading up finally to that ‘famous’ road accident…
It serves for me (perhaps for me alone) as a poignant and thoughtful coda to O’Driscoll’s 2006 book ‘Unbecoming’ and it resonates with this quote from one of its stories ‘If I Should Wake Before I Die’:
“Its heart raced, a thousand beats a minute. As if trying to cram a whole lifetime into a few seconds.”

‘Double Zero For Emptiness’ was first published in 2001 and contains these words:
“…the bowel-clenching terror of knowing that tomorrow you could be shipped halfway round the world to kill or be killed by people you felt no enmity towards.”

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My review of Mike O’Driscoll’s book UNBECOMING at link immediately above.

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