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2011 Big Brother


This is crazeee. Heaven’s Gate, Mark’s House, and Thomas’s huge John Thomas!

All 14 of them in. Far too young an average age. All far too good looking. No eccentric, weathered people. Hmmmm.


Marion wrote:
PS – like your new icon, Des. Classy!

Thanks, Marion. Taken from here: http://classicalhorror.wordpress.com/

And thank you for an excellent aide memoire of ‘characters’. (Except, should be Tom not Tony?)

Meanwhile, it seems to me that Ch 5/BB have designed specifically here for sexual encounters and little else…


I wonder if one should look on the works of Mankind and Despair … and here I have found myself in a quandary. Either truly horrified. Or ‘artistically’ horrified at this half real / half unreal slice of life today. Whether, in the context of misguided freedom, it is or it is not ‘well worth a closer look’? Is humanity just skin deep? In this context, Marion, Faye looked blank because, as she said, she did not consider us to be animals. But then, of course, we have Becky’s Urolagnia to consider, a drip feed that Sartreanly closets us all ‘in camera’ …


Thanks for that perceptive build-up of impressions of the HMs, Marion.
I think the first two HMs into the House, Mark and Maisie, are the most engaging so far. Mark Mark for possible winner?

Not too impressed with most of the others but – unlike Marion? – I think highly of Aaron and Louise as quasi-seasoned wisdom-holders. “Well worth a closer look.”

But spot prize for Anton quoting George Orwell (even if pre-prepared during brainstorming sessions with his advisers before entering the BB House) – “in the land of Deceit, Truth is a Revolutionary act”. Is that a genuine quote? Not checked it out, but it rings true and sits well with my own “synchronised shards of random truth & fiiction.”

Yes Harry is a slow burner or blind boil. I’d forgotten about him. Can anyone win who (illegally?) chases and kills foxes with hounds…?


Maisy James is an elfin form of that ‘fifties pinup’, methinks, someone Tolkien would have liked to have put in LOTR if his imagination had been strong enough.

Anton and Aden have the ardour for the chase, methinks, in the Forest of Arden… The dirty, frond-dark chase.

Jay is Avian Flew with garish markings and disease-ridden croaks, grounded by its own inability to soar mentally beyond its eye-patch.

Over the years, there has always been some poetic truth to BB in spite, sometimes because, of its own denizens’ mirings in a wish to fly towards a misconceived celebrity heaven from a too real TV hell.

Marion wrote:
 But what is truth? I have been considering the astonishing claims of Tashie and Anton concerning Pamela. How odd that they should both blurt that out.
Is BB being an agent provocateur and asking leading questions which we do not get to hear and thereby setting them up?

A good question. And those not reading this thread will be further decontextualised by not even seeing that question asked let alone answered!

I am still taken with Rebeckah’s use of the word ‘doppleganger’ – was she fed this off-stage? She seems to be some sort of Temptress … planted as a hyponotised mole or, in your words, Marion, ‘agent provocateur’?


I like Alex and her ugly-beautiful face and her long fairy-tale doll’s hair.

Marion’s portrait of Rebeckah is, having thought about it, spot on. “Well worth a distant look”, to keep one’s own face clean and soul pure-white. A single too close a look is enough to sully us crowding-in, peer-pressure students of human nature. The Ka-tet ab initio, of yet inscrutable motives. Or simply pre-prepared triple-bluff mole-acting? (Ka-tet or wolf-pack?)

Marion’s comments yesterday made me realise that one doesn’t always hear the full two-way exchange in the DR between BB and the HM. We are being fed decontextualisation and conflation, if not tendentiousness, by some higher BB in the pecking-order of narrative levels…

The Ka haunts me.


Jedward Rules: http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/RX1NCHPB7T5F8/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#RX1NCHPB7T5F8
Bears out my Gilbert and George comparison.

And I note Kerry and Lucien are getting it together for OK Mag!

If Tashie were in Tashie’s Tragedy by Shakespeare, she may win awards as an actress. This is BB at its most cringingly brilliant. Tashie is a phenomenon. Part of me hopes she goes on Friday. But most of me hopes Harry goes, mainly because he carries strange Etonic baggage that alters normal voting patterns.

Rebeckah continues to brainstorm a flirtation programme and some emotional ‘dirty dancing’.

Tom’s Grandad meanwhile looks down from Heaven towards the Hell in which he’s left his loved ones. No hope for the Euro.

Louise and Maisy continue to impress, not necessarily because of their looks, but their whole auras. Aaron’s aura, too.

BTW, I’ve just realised that of the full names I gave earlier, Faye Palmer and Darcy Steele are the same person. Not really commented on Faye yet. And still can’t think of what to say!
And in Heaven’s sky the full moon weeps.


I think this is the most complex Housemate gestalt there has ever been, but that does not mean any one particle in that concatenation of a people Hadron-Collider is more complex than any BB particle of the Channel 4 past.

Motives are churning out of control from person to person with an inscrutable display of contagion. Not Avian Influenza, but some Aden-Anton-Aaron (as just one example) Platonic archetype of sexual-fission. The Tom-Mark dicksplay another. The Tashie-Faye-Louise-Maisy golem waits pretty-preening in the wings, hoping they, too, are not Bird Flew bait. Rebeckah, meanwhile, is a one person ‘bad-wolf’ pack, a catatonic single-minded ka-tet with her own maliciously contrived Dark Tower at the Collider’s core to which all the spinning men (meant to halt sporadically in awe) are to make obeisances.

Alex sits like a Botticelli angel on the moon above, combing her thick, stringy tresses.

I hope Harry is voted out tonight – as he is not intrinsic to the above gestalt.


Yes, I found all that Tom, Dick and Harry stuff – sorry, Tom, Aaron and Lovebite stuff quite shocking.

Alex’s walking task was a sheer delight.

Tashie showed dignity in the face of a public trauma –

Meawnhile, the grim gestalt spreads its remaining wings amid ugly tweets.

And since when did so many mono, stereo, solo, multiple, ambivalently aberrant or non-aberrant permutations in human mating-dances become so seamless with such publicly-viewed acceptability?  And when not publicly-viewed in the more private unfacebook past, were those permutations ever such?


Yes I agree we are fed decontextualisation and conflation with tendentious cameras. Makes one question the whole value of watching the programme – but it is interesting in itself to recognise such connivances and other attempted collusions with the more gullible elements of the audience. I suggest, you and I, Marion, are gullible, too, in our own ways – because nobody knows the full depth of one’s own gullibility if one tries to block it out.

The wedding was collusively fabricated although it was called in the commentary ‘impromptu’. Props provided to match the HMs’ ‘knowingness’ about the tradtional needs of BB programmers.

It is disingenuous for BB to get uptight about the mayhem and the mattress in the swimming pool. These HMs no doubt watched CBB where similar events went unpunished. So, here, the ‘collusive’ knowingness of what was required missed a gear, perhaps.

I agree that Rebeckah is at the gyre’s centre of the collusion and of her own decontextualisation of self. She’s conflated image and self even towards a gullibility of believing she’s the shrewdest shrew there.

The only HM I actually like as a person is Alex Rose Lee (from what I have seen of her up t0 this morning’s censored repeat). With Maisy James a close second. Mark Henderson maybe, too, if one sees him as the balancing good daimon to Rebeckah Vaughn’s bad one..

But what was Alex’s repeated question about ‘endobs’? Is this a code for something intrinsic to the incantatory gestaltic holism of healings from Heaven?  Or to a specific female complaint?

[Later] I have done much research to discover she was referring to a band called N-Dubz. I wonder if this was ‘product placement’ by Alex on behalf of N-Dubz? Like, I recall, a HM recently talking about skincare in this programme sponsored by Freederm. Well worth a closer look.


Marion wrote:
I hadn’t noticed the Freederm thing, but now that you mention product placement, those chicken suits tonight were very like the logo on a certain brand of stock cube.

I earlier had my own product placements:

des2 wrote:
Marion’s portrait of Rebeckah is, having thought about it, spot on. “Well worth a distant look”, to keep one’s own face clean and soul pure-white. A single too close a look is enough to sully us crowding-in, peer-pressure students of human nature.
des2 wrote:
Not too impressed with most of the others but – unlike Marion? – I think highly of Aaron and Louise as quasi-seasoned wisdom-holders. “Well worth a closer look.”
But spot prize for Anton quoting George Orwell

Latest episode is tempting fate by symbolically coming closer to an Avian Influenza theme, with human people in close intimacy with chicken body-puppets.

I depend, meanwhile, on Marion for low-downs on the relationships between various HMs. Thanks.


Marion wrote:
Bless them all, they were really excited. So was I. How silly! What is it about getting ready for a date that thrills us all? But there it is – BB magic.

Indeed. Also, your comparison of the chicken dinner date with a scene from the film ‘Tom Jones’ (Albert Finney) was spot on. As is your growing assessment (mine, too) of Faye Palmer (Darcy Steele). A lovely, characterful girl.

The Rebeckah /Heaven voodoo axis is however now central to current machinations (partially concerning the battle of moral territory in Aden) – and, yes, Tom surprisingly shone out as a new beacon of rightness in this increasingly insidious context.

Meanwhile, people like Anton, Maisy, Alex etc have taken a backseat in the camera’s tendentious excerpting, although I rather enjoyed Jay’s exagerrated pleas for food (taking a cold shower for 15 hours or walking around nude for 3 days). It was the chicken dinner, Marion, that he resented missing rather than the date with Faye.

Yesterday’s sickness *as* chickens as well as being part of the Bird Flu subtext was a poetic prelude to the date…?

COMMENTARY CONTINUED HERE: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/2011-big-brother-2/


ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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