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The Cisco Spear-Carrier

I dreamt about my concurrent reading of this book last night. Always a good sign for me with a book. And I dreamt, too, of ‘Phaedrus’ and – in the spirit of a once-off breaking of my own erstwhile rules with regard to real-time-reviewing – I refer this review-reader to http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~hays/Love/ReadingNotes/Phaedrus3.html including therein: “We have lost, as it were, the feathers that allowed us to fly. But, certain nutrients stimulate the growth of feathers and allow the soul to soar. One of those nutrients of the soul is Beauty.” (12 May 11)

EDIT (14 May 11):

I dreamt of ‘The Great Lover’ last night again! This time about the Wolves of the Calla, being the masked machine projections or prostheses of Vampires – and deploying Harry Potter’s snitches!

And finally decided that Cisco’s book will endure as a great one, without any doubt at all!

I must read his other books, however.
[And the Cisco Kid = The Gunslinger?}

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