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Today’s eclectic ‘found art’

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More ‘found art’: as evidenced by the last section of my gestalt real-time review of HP Lovecraft’s ‘The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath’:

I am literally aching to quote some short passages from these last 12 pages, passages that will startle you, please you, substantiate for you much of what I foreshadowed, and they would stay in your mind forever. But I resist. As I have resisted for nearly fifty years my re-reading of this work, for fear of renewing its end and finding it as nightmarish as I remembered it. A return to that youthful reading I once made. In all innocence. Now with guilty pleasure, like an old grizzled cat, I still wonder if I should have gone there. Not a Great One grown Old. But become Old reading a Great One.

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