The Relaxed Snowman

Posted on March 8, 2013

snowThings are (and likely to remain) slow with ‘The Last Balcony’ and ‘Nemonymous Night’ books. I am philosophically content that I have reached an optimum slow-blinking stasis regarding my own work. Meanwhile, the eleven books I’ve already published of other writers’ work seem hopefully to be accreting moderate success as time passes.

I once expected a special feature (advertised publicly at one stage) from Weird Fiction Review regarding my work in editing, reviewing and writing but for probably good reasons this has not materialised. I don’t think any one person has a complete handle on my output over the years (not even myself!) – which is no doubt a counteractive force for any organisation attempting a complete overview and knowing whom to consult.

As I become older, my plans are such that they will gracefully suit my own anticipated audit trail of natural attrition into which my enthusiasms and mental/bodily capabilities will likely devolve and, thus, I intend gradually to diminsh my activity in the Weird Literature field and on the internet. ‘Horror Without Victims’ will probably be my final publication. But I intend to continue reading widely and to maintain my reviewing of books until the very end. An end that is thankfully not yet in sight. Without tempting Fate, of course!

Winter Sunlight
Winter Sunlight

This is naturally no big deal for anyone but me. But I do like to percolate my current plans publicly for general electronic osmosis – assuming that there are any out there with sufficiently interested antennae to receive it.

There can be no generalisation, however. Each creative person has a differently time-calibrated career that suits their natural or deliberately adopted lifestyle. We all have different anticipated audit trails from any particular point in our lives. I am delighted that an old friend of mine, slightly older than me, is currently embarking upon what I consider to be the very start of his public writing career with his series of novels.

Nothing should be inferred. Only observed and followed. And any paths altered accordingly. Personally spiritual as well as hopefully accessible. Meanings made clear at or, retroactively, from the still point. The cold point.

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