It has been brought to my attention that – beyond the grab of google – the story Salustrade has led to a form of religion or cult in certain sections of the world … now growing. I have checked and I am sure that this is the first time the effect of this story has been mentioned on the internet. I take full responsibility as I wrote Salustrade.  It was mentioned to me today inadvertently by one of the so-called Salustraders – also known, apparently by subterfuge, as Overspacers – during a Nemonymous book transaction with me.

I can’t expect anyone to believe this without further evidence (currently being sought). But, meanwhile, I can easily imagine the nature of something like ‘Salustrade’ evolving such a following. From memory, it was something that seemed to write itself back in the early 1990s.  And it was published in a mass market book in 1994.


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7 responses to “Salustrade

  1. This makes me wonder – while I try to find out more regarding above – whether a religion can be formed from a religion based solely on its faith in its own ability to keep itself immune from google hits.

  2. Heard mention of a place or building somewhere called The Lake Minster and a book called the Book of Alternities, yesterday, by the way, but nothing clearer than that so far.


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  6. I forgot to mention above – it seems – that SALUSTRADE was reprinted in Weirdmonger (Prime Books 2003) – now out of print and scarce.

    I also notice – by checking Google today (3 July 2011) – that a number of people have now taken on ‘Salustrade’ as an on-line name for discussion forums, photographs etc.

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