Into The Wood

My walk today in the local area took me for the first time into the wood…

into5 into4 into6  into1 into3

My piece today on the story entitled INTO THE WOOD by Robert Aickman.

More photos in comments below.


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7 responses to “Into The Wood

  1. I ventured further into the wood today:


  2. Some mentioned on Facebook that the last photo above looks as if it was taken in Africa and they could imagine a leopard on one of the branches. Someone referred to CERN Zoo…
    I assured them that it was taken today near where I live in Holland-on-Sea, Essex. But I do see the vague shape of a lion and its mane to the left of the tree and I wonder if this is one of the lions in Steve Duffy’s famous CERN Zoo story, ‘The Lion’s Den’…?
    And, of course, embedded in the trunk of the tree in the previous photo to that one is an elephant….!

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