Gary Fry – My Real-Time Reviews

The Impelled & Other Head-Trips – Gary Fry

World Wide Web And Other Lovecraftian Upgrades – by Gary Fry

Sanity and Other Delusions – by Gary Fry

Mindful of Phantoms – by Gary Fry

the abolisher of roses – by Gary Fry

MENACE by Gary Fry

Stories in:

Where The Heart Is (Gray Friar Press)

Terror Tales of East Anglia

The Sixth Black Book of Horror

CERN Zoo – the original DFL ‘Editor’s Commentary’

Null Immortalis – DFL’s Editor Commentary

Terror Tales of the Seaside

Great British Horror 2

Nightmare Abbey 2


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4 responses to “Gary Fry – My Real-Time Reviews

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    From Mark Lynch on RCMB:
    ‘And it’s good fright from me.’
    ‘And it’s good fright from him.’

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