2011 Big Brother (2)


Why did Tom last night nominate out of alphabetical order? Surely, BB didn’t retrocausally alter the order so that Rebeckah was the climax? Rebeckah whom BB would probably want to keep in as a maverick catalyst?

Faye’s enticement to Aaron to dirty-talk dirtied her a bit in my eyes; but nobody in the world these days is openly undirty, even if someone looks undirty. It’s as if even the Freedom tube itself is corrupted with humanity then smeared over innocence as well as over skin.

The voodoo-axis is about to break whatever happens on Friday. At least we shall then regain a closer look at Maisy, Mark et al.
One blended end of the Heaven/Hell seesaw being pent back up into the endless tube of riotous reality outside.

Meanwhile, within the conscience (or gestalt) of the game itself, I agree with Marion – especially about Heaven staying and Rebeckah going.

PS: Dappy of N-DUBZ lefts devastated by Simon Cowell: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/15002351

(Later) Alex – a racial miscegenation of Heaven (Heaven Africa) and Hell (Rebeckah Vaughn) by dint of a stained-skin freederm to say ‘yes’!
For all philosophers finding it well worth a closer look, i.e. at God’s gift of free will rather than of fixed pre-destination…


Glad to clear up misunderstandings about the natural course of reality in reality shows! Smile
And your latest report, Marion, is a tour de force. How can mere mortals match up…?
All true. All seminal to a greater understanding of mass culture as well as the high culture that lurks within it.
As well as just the god-honest rubbing together of human souls in the game of truth and fiction – and the game of celebrity-hunting-from-within-and-back-within modern people. Bravo!

Marion wrote:
…he looked like one of those cartons of Kia-Ora you used to get at Saturday matinees in the local flea-pit.

Relates to the earlier ‘Ka’ as does the ‘predestination / free will’ dichotomy in my previous post about archetypal miscegenation.
(I remember those ‘kia-ora’ adverts that came on just before Pathe News and Pearl & Dean.)


Marion wrote:
A horrible thought has occurred – Rebeckah is clearly upping the romantic stakes in the hope of surviving the eviction.

And is Aden acting the callow youth or is he the callow youth? If either, it’s quite impressive.

One of the best BB tasks ever – the ‘free will’ / predestination ‘yes’ task – as they chant “Really really really” in successfully completing it. (Did I imagine a glimpse of Jay’s task with the chicken dinner – that I originally missed being shown in full?)

And the ‘skin’ theme continues – i.e Alex’s miscegenation, Faye’s tattoo and Maisy’s Aden-spotted spot. Maisy is a blonde bombshell under wraps who simmers to the camera’s surface from time to time: still a winner in the wings? Like Mark?

And here’s a quiz question:- what was the combination code for opening the safe that contained the number five. A book prize from me for the first non-Marion to post the correct answer on the TTA Press thread. (I’ll be sending Marion a book after BB has finished, i.e. for all her reportage efforts, in any event, and just because she is a good egg).


So the false snarly-smiler is out!

Yes, Mark is real good BB material – as he showed in the DR tonight. Creative with miming the tranquiliser dart. He also shows wisdom from time to time when advising others with a wry sense of humour.
Yes, ‘dour’ is a good word for Anton.
Maisy looks too innocent to be Maisy.
She’s more like Marion’s twirling avatar.

Marion wrote:
Heaven was jubilant in the DR – Amun-Ra!
An interesting digression:
tells you all about negative energies and the 47 rituals.

Thanks, Marion.
Meanwhile, Rebec-kah wriggeled and wriggled in self deception.
A new book has just come out:
Deceit and Self-Deception
Fooling Yourself the Better to Fool Others
» Robert Trivers – Allen Lane Hardback : 06 Oct 2011
Concerns also the (mis-?) ‘confidence’ implicit in world economy and politics. The underpinning that the world’s self-deception provides for human being-racism – as a good or bad force?
Individual people necessarily in denial …
And, for me, the Internet itself (and its inhabitants) as the central force that now underpins all these machinations of self, Proustian selves, and survival / natural selection. – again for good or ill?
Books themselves now surviving as non-tree hypertext…but killing the centuries-old treebook version in the process.

(later): Marion (author of ‘Prussian Snowdrops’) has a major take on this, I feel, on the current ‘Big Brother’ thread: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=21586#21586

(later): I think this is the first time ever with BB that I’m in such two minds about a situation: about acting and genuineness; whether Aden is so distraught or thinks he is distraught or acting he is distraught. Equally with Beckah – bad girl, or acting bad girl, or not knowing she is bad girl or she is a BB mole or conniving (or Aden is a BB mole or conniving)… But if the worst case scenario is true, then BB has a lot to answer for with such emotional turmoil being evoked for public viewing.
I enjoyed Mark’s lateral thinking Ricky Gervaise act in the DR about Mummy Long Legs etc.


Marion wrote:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTp_Yy9QHBwDid you see a tear in Aden’s eyes, Des? We heard him cry but did not see it – he kept his head well down. I reckon he’s playing to the gallery.

I always thought ‘Devil Woman’ the best Cliff Richard 45 single of all time. That and ‘The Young Ones’.
And here we have today’s young ones – all in a tangled loop of ‘headless chicken’ tantrums and celebritification and politically correct caringness coupled with the most strident back-biting within emotional ambivalence.
I take your wise words, Marion, that Aden is sending signals of collusion with his behaviour inside to his partner-in-crime outside.


Marion wrote:
So, a little clue to the combination code:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TqwEPKUSBEA Nemonymous publication is up for grabs!

Thanks, Marion. Smile

The prize (signed by me if required) will be one of ‘The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies’ (2011) or ‘Weirdmonger’ (2003) or ‘Null Immortalis’ (2010) or ‘Cone Zero’ (2008) or ‘Cern Zoo’ (2009). If the winner can also show that he or she watches the programme regularly, i.e. with some public proof on the TTA Press thread (to my and Marion’s satisfaction) of so doing, he or she can choose the prize from the above list. If they simply give the correct answer, then I shall choose his or her prize from the above list.

(later) Miscegenations and Micturations
With every season of BB there comes a point when I doubt the value of watching it and question my own tolerances of acceptability, even when taking into account that Art sometimes wears the worst Human frailties as paints upon its palette. Yesterday, Mark was expostulating scatologically on smooth unbroken extrusions – today about sitting down to micturate – then competing with Jay in public onanism… later BB’s version of our sweet angelic twirling avatar nigh twirling herself upon ‘Aaron’s Rod’….
And Mark’s half miscegenation of stage blacking continues the ‘skin’ theme as referenced earlier in this thread.
Thanks goodness, though, meanwhile, Aden has taken a backseat from his staged blubbing.


Marion wrote:
If we get another show like tonight, my BB days are over.

Seems to match my reaction, too, above – but you paint the picture more fully for our readers, Marion, while maintaining your own and their (our readers’) dignity. Thanks.
Mark probably lost the game yesterday. Or the plot.
Your ‘lost in transmission’ comment was spot on. ‘Lost in translation’, too, as they say in the Scarlett Johansson school of Maziness, while Anton’s miming to her tried to keep some couple-dignity away from the growing Channel Five-engendered multi-orgasmic tendencies of the group’s gestalt. Pity Maisy couldn’t keep the dignity safe. She lost the game, too, yesterday. Not a spot on her face but on her character.
The statistics game was too complicated to have any bearing on truth, so Heaven shouldn’t worry.


And amid all that hissing and slithering as well as sucking and spewing, Marion, there was also much talk through vigorously mouth-stirred toothbrushes about issues that people could say more easily through such frothing orifices than would be the case otherwise.
The act of brushing one’s teeth seems these days to be a metaphorical averting of one’s eyes embarrassingly during ‘vital’ gossip or recriminatory talk rather than for the purpose of oral hygiene.
But not seen Maisy yet cleaning her teeth…. Lost in transmission, no doubt.


Marion wrote:
Interesting idea of standards in the house – not a word of reproach has been uttered to Jay and Mark while Aaron and Maisie take the flak.

Well, I suppose BB is a valuable reflection of social and sexual history of the moment before it hits the real history books.
Tom as a Hobbit is a brilliant realisation from you, Marion. Even Hobbits, it seems, have lost all decorum since Tolkien’s day.
Maisy as a limpet, too.

(later) Marion, I think you and I are currently making this programme seem better than it actually is with our discussions. Most of tonight’s edition was entirely stupid. Even that ape thing was obviously not real and the HMs were in showmanship collusion with pretending it as real. And the slap and tickle, garlic and slime, nudity and random flirting etc. are simply out of hand. No subtlety at all tonight. My current mood is to make a bargain with you – that we both withdraw and leave the House to go its own way without our attention. Tomorrow, I may feel differently. I shall sleep on it, as they say…


Do you really think that the HMs thought it was a real ape?
Your report is brilliant, Marion, but pity the prgramme hasn’t been up to scratch lately. I notice you were once on the brink, too, last night.
On the strength of the ‘yes/no’ task a week ago, I shall persevere, but probably only because I simply love Marion’s reports!


Last evening relieved by a melanised Mark fooling Jay to act like his true Jay self in a mock task. Harry and Aaron were mere spear-carrriers in that scenario.
Meanwhile, I hope Aden goes tonight. Or is that Aaron, Anton or Amun?

(For completists: I have mentioned some details of this Big Brother in my real-time review of the first story ‘Mrs Midnight’ here.)

(later) Heaven’s gone, Hell is here.
Why do they all smoke so much?

So – just a couple more votes from Marion, and Heaven would have been saved.


Marion wrote:
It was a HORRID eviction. The crowd boos everyone, deserving or not, and the HMs couldn’t even find it in themselves to be a little gracious.

Earlier in the show a few weeks ago, Mark and (I think) Faye had eye make-up like that of the main character in the film CLOCKWORK ORANGE. (The front page of the Radio Times this week has the Doctor and friends similarly decked). Heaven’s e-fiction was like a scene from that film. They even speak its language. We look on as if this is unreal but we all know this is a ‘reality’ show.

THE ABOVE COMMENTARY IS NOW CONTINUED HERE: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/2011-big-brother-3/


ABOVE ARE EXTRACTS FROM: http://ttapress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=182 where Marion’s posts are also shown in full.

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