The Haunted Bookshelf

Photo of my own haunted bookshelf

The Ash Tree Press Yahoogroups ‘All Hallows’ has been going many years with much discussion activity on ghost stories and things horror genre, of which group I have been a member. Yesterday, Christopher Roden announced another Yahoogroups entitled ‘The Haunted Bookshelf’ specifically at first to discuss systematically the stories in Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s massive and massively acclaimed THE WEIRD. You may apply for membership here:
Their Facebook page for immediate updates etc:

During November 2011, I conducted a detailed systematic real-time review of THE WEIRD here: and I have since received a lot of good feedback about it — including from one of its editors in a public statement and, yesterday, out of the blue, Johnny Mains started a new thread on his Facebook page with a link to my review and stating that it was: “The greatest review of any book in the history of reviews.”

I don’t intend to re-post any of that review to The Haunted Bookshelf discussion group or, at this stage, to re-read the book. But I hope members of the group, if they think fit, will read my review about each story ‘in media res’. I shall be interested to see what the others think of the stories and I shall no doubt make input regarding any new thoughts of my own during the discussion.

Weird: A Compendium of Dark and Strange Stories


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3 responses to “The Haunted Bookshelf

  1. A ‘haunted bookshelf’ should really be for ebooks?? 😉

  2. As well as his own blog statement linked above, JeffV left this public comment on the real-time review itself:

    Jeff VanderMeer says:
    December 3, 2011 at 8:42 pm (Edit)
    Des–I just want to say that reading your real-time review has been a life-changing experience for me, following along, as you’ve managed to make fresh for me stories that from continual familiarity had been rendered invisible over the process of compiling the anthology. I also just want to thank you for your compassionate, sympathetic, and thoughtful approach to reading these stories. It’s not often an anthology editor gets such a thorough mega-review. I have some other thoughts about this real-time review that I’ll put into a blog post. But, in any event, thank you so much. – JeffV

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