Two Reviews of ‘Weirdtongue’

“Lewis has created something original, social commentary, jokes, pathos, fantastical worlds, all through the power of words and it stands out like a beacon in the sea of post apocalyptic, zombie repetitiveness.”

“D.F. Lewis is an extraordinary narrator and storyteller, and one is swept away by the feast of words…”


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2 responses to “Two Reviews of ‘Weirdtongue’

  1. A third review: Weirdtongue bitingly deconstructed:
    A refresh view of the book that contrasts with the previous review.

    I value this review’s opinion. However, I think it managed to find the one accidental typo in the book (a missing ‘who’) and, in my opinion, extrapolated ‘lack of editing’ from it beyond its importance. But fair enough. I’m not complaining.

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