2011 Big Brother (5)



Marion wrote:
The dog turned out to be Tashie, so no scare there.

I thought that was very effective. A yappy dog in a cage with a human face – startled me – and reminded me of the film ‘Freaks‘.

In fact the whole Crypt task should appeal to readers of ‘Black Static* (an award-winning Horror magazine published by TTA Press, the Host of this discussion forum we’re using for our BB comments). Some of it was very well done. Some not. The half-serious, half-absurd elements (certainly in the two crypt-kickers) were interesting if one is able to insulate some of the images and statements from the game-show ‘Reality’ TV of BB against which most people who read our comments are prejudiced.

NB: TTA Press also publish the acclaimed and long-running SF magazine ‘Interzone‘. The Dickian reality of BB is probably that side of things … and dystopian futures.

*a link to my own recent advert for the latest issue of ‘Black Static’ which has a personal significance to me, i.e. there is a photo of me on the cover! o:


Marion wrote:
What a scare you gave me with the Black Static link, Des – I looked and thought – oh, poor Des! He does look ill!
Then I saw your photo underneath the bigger one!
Such a relief…

LOL! … PREVIOUSLY (in BB voice over) and NOW. “Well worth a closer look”. (That tall lady in the Feeederm advert with the top-knot in her hair will have the latest Black Static in her hand TOMORROW).

BTW, Marion, your summaries of each BB episode are second to none on the whole internet I reckon. I think BB fans must be flocking here, because the viewcount of this thread still increases exponentially.


Marion wrote:
The three were then zombified spectacularly. They truly were quite shuddersome – Faye even managed a wonky sex appeal in her tattered dress and scars as she snarled out of her tomb.

Yes, some more effective Horror Genre last night. And a glimpse of Tashie the Dog again. All grist to the blood&bone-mill. And the stirring-mill of Janton – like those two ladies in an earlier BB, who, after watching secretly live TV of their other housemates, created the biggest fight in BB history when they returned to the fold.
And the film Dead Set – a Zombie film about BB with Davina killed gruesomely – came back to haunt the House. The semi-Celebrities attending the film show as the real Zombies in light disguise.

Jem to go tonight. She hasn’t transcended her newcomer status, in my book.


Marion wrote:
Very often, evictees seem much nicer when they come out of the house and drop the persona they lived in, but not Anton.

Anton left a nice message, though. A weak character trying to be strong. People like that won’t win – but he did for a time persuade me he had taken BB reality/irreality seriously in embracing the need (as a risk of either self-sacrifice or, like Nasty Nick?, self-fulfilment) for the catalytic role of House Villain. Too shallow, in the end.


I agree it was boring last night, but what was that Jay grin to camera over Louise’s shoulder when standing cuddling her? A signal of unreality in this reality show? Jay as corrosively instinctual belittling of the big in big brother…to appeal to BB cynics of whom there are millions who only watch BB to complain about it?


The rhythmic rowing-machines and Jem’s fruity warble of a voice both sent me to sleep tonight.


Marion wrote:
No, Faye is 19. Jem is 27 or 28, the Bossy Big Sister.

Sorry, I thought someone had commented that J looked older but F actually was the oldest. I still fall asleep when Jem starts her fruity warbling.

BTW, Marion, you needn’t have remote-controlled away to avoid Jay micturating – he just stormed off saying he couldn’t give an F.


It was Alex’s evening. The “rolling up” speech to Harry was repetitively redolent with emergent N-Dubzery. She has incredibly soft gauche innocence underpinned by streetwise steel and instinctively and deceptively articulate intelligence. Her head-to-heads separately with Harry and Tom were the most memorable events of this BB season so far.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the blah blah blah bumped and ground along the ground – hugely and tangibly dream-swagged with a slithy tove in the shape of an ancient god mis-laden with a transgressive motive-impulse and stained with a rippling N-Dubz skin-mosaic.


From what I can see, Tom and Alex are a match made in Chocolate Heaven.

Aaron shafted by Mum’s Net!

Intrigued by slithy Jay’s recounting all the synchronicities concerned with 9/11, via numerology, backward and upside down writing, astrological harmonics etc. At least the Tove has some heuristic ability to think beyond its tattoos.


The match made in heaven yesterday, then Aaron’s match and a thousand trees or a tree and a thousand matches tonight!

Meanwhile, the betting game was a flop. The chocolate ghastly.

Oh dear, I fell asleep in the last 15 minutes. What on earth happened?


Marion wrote:
Aaron played a stormer, wandering about like Hamlet’s father’s ghost murmuring ‘To leave or not to leave’ when it was perfectly obvious that wild horses couldn’t drag him out of there. I paricularly enjoyed the scene where Jay set about persuading Aaron that he should not leave. Aaron sat with trembling hand, hunched over a roll-up like something out of ‘A Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisvitch’, gaunt and drawn and trembling handed, allowing himself to be persuaded to hesitate about going.

And I also liked the way he is now treating his life as I do real-time reviews – ie. in 10 minute insulated bites. A good method of decisive indecisiveness. At least we can now tell the matches from the trees.


The Palmer sisters are an enigma to me. They strike me as businesswomen first and foremost. So I tend to believe all their moods and actions are orchestrated. They may be bad businesswomen and have misorchestrated their stay in the house, but businesswomen nevertheless (forging a wrestling compnay, not only wrestling with bodies but with minds, our minds as well as, subconsciously, their own?).

Tom and Alex did some side role-playing – delightfully threatening to ‘go’ – and then to buy a house called ANUAS. They both perhaps live in a land called REHTORB GIB or a new version of Psycho: AXMOTEL.

[BTW, does anyone remember Alison Hammond from Big Brother 2002 (according to Wikipedia she was the second housemate evicted and she broke a picnic table). I don’t recall her myself, but I noticed a poster when walking on Clacton pier today, and that she recently opened the new ten-pin bowling-alley there!]

PS: When I dance, I do it like Aaron did in the 90s rave last night.


Marion wrote:
Aaron was mightily teased by all the others for his dancing. He told jay that when he goes out he’ll see that everyone’s doing it his way now! He was a bit frenetic, true, but jay was like a zombie coming to life!

And the sock wrestling when they announced it, I first imagined they would be fighting with their hands in sock puppets.
Hope Jay goes tonight. Zombie or Slithy Tove, his voice is beginning to grate.

PS: Sorry, I forgot – Jay is still in!
Harry went – amid much sobbing. Nice lad.

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