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Drowning in Air


This is to notify its would-be readers that I’m currently reviewing HERE the remarkable anthology STRANGE TALES IV.

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All my Rhys Hughes books

…that I’ve collected over the years:


All my reviews of Rhys Hughes work: HERE

LATER EDIT: One book above is wrongly shown (notified in comments below) but there are a further two books accidentally not shown above that are now shown in comments below



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The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange


Meteor House Press

My gestalt real-time review of THE ABNORMALITIES OF STRINGENT STRANGE by Rhys Hughes, a book received as a result of my purchasing this novel in the form of its signed ‘special edition’.

All my previous reviews of Rhys Hughes work are linked from HERE.

All my gestalt real-time reviews since 2008 are linked from HERE.

My review will appear in the ‘comment’ stream below as and when I read each section of the novel in random single sittings — however long this strange process may take within the stringent strictures of my otherwise normal life.


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Read it between jumping and hitting the ground. The last balcony, you see, is at the top of a building with many stories…

“I already know that I’ll be recommending it most highly to any and all readers who love original weird fiction…”
RHYS HUGHES, from his review of ‘The Last Balcony’ HERE

I’ve owned the rare book INTRUSIONS by Robert Aickman since the 1980s but I can’t remember having taken it off the shelf since first reading it (all its stories are contained elsewhere). I had occasion to look at it recently and was amazed at the wondrous synchronicity between its front cover and that of ‘The Last Balcony’ (2012). On consulting Tony Lovell (the artist who shaped the real object photographed for the ‘Last Balcony’ artwork) he also drew comparison with the shape he created and photographed for the cover artwork of ‘Busy Blood’ (2012). We’re both pleasantly surprised at this inspiring correlation. Perhaps we should call this the ‘Close Intrusions of a Third Kind’ syndrome?


The ‘Intrusions’ cover in 1980 is by Andrzej Krause (Andrzej Krauze?)

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March 20, 2013 · 10:55 am

Rhys Hughes and Waking Dreams

tallest91Rhys Hughes’ work often reawakens my own waking dreams when, as a child, being put to bed too early, I imagined all sorts of weird and wonderful reality-steeped fabrications. Hughes has uniquely taken this ability into an adulthood creativity – for the benefit of resummoning this nostalgic activity for fellowkind and, accepting that, we should all be grateful.

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Devolved Fiction


First coinage of ‘Devolved Fiction’ here, so as, in hindsight, to attempt to describe a fiction genre that is devolved to the reader where, inasmuch as the metafiction is so utterly extreme, it becomes, somewhat paradoxically perhaps, unmetafictional.

This relates to my recent coinages of Pronoun Horror and Future Perfect Fiction about The Lighthouse by Alison Moore and First Novel by Nicholas Royle respectively. (Links are to my reviews).

More boulders found on this morning’s ‘walnut walk’ (now so-called!) near where I live:

boulder11 boulder12boulder21 boulder31


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TALLEST STORIES by Rhys Hughes (a real-time review)

by Rhys Hughes


Bought by me on-line from the publisher.

Eibonvale Press 2013

‘sixty linked stories’

Below is another new style real-time review of mine


More DFL-connected Rhys-Hughesiana



1 – Rainbow’s End

“That’s the trouble with THE TALL STORY on Raconteur Road; every time you want a drink you have to tell one.”

This, so far, seems delightfully akin to the earlier Rhys-Hughesian pub-talk fictions with which I once real-tuned my time when reading THIS book. Here an engagingly imaginative abseil-surdity that deals with whether rainbows are what they used to be, e.g. complete with a crock of gold at its end.  Rather than the actual ‘crock’ joke in the story, I think it fits in better with my obsession today about ‘the last gold of decayed stars’ and the crock (wreck) with which some such chunk of ‘decayed star’ might crock the crock of this world at 7.30 pm tonight (Welsh time).  If so, I may never finish this review! 😐



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